Mega Vrac Villeray

Our Méga Vrac store in Villeray fits perfectly into this neighborhood where you breathe life and good bread! While circulating on the sidewalks lined with mature trees, you will come across many green alleys where children have fun laughing. The small local businesses are frequented by the multigenerational and multicultural community who want to encourage local purchases. We have invited ourselves to contribute to this effervescence to allow people of all ages to participate in a more ecological and waste-free way of life.

Info & Contact details

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday : 10am to 8pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am to 7pm

The success of this store

Our zero-waste ecological grocery store found its place in the Villeray district a bit by chance or rather by heart. After discovering this inspiring district, there was no doubt to settle there to contribute to the local economy. Most people were already informed about responsible drinking and wanted to pass this value on from generation to generation. Less than a month after its opening, it’s as if the Méga Vrac grocery store had always been there!