Mega Vrac Mont-Royal

The Plateau Mont-Royal is ideally located and very close to the city center surrounded by several nearby flourishing neighborhoods. There are many parks where artists, athletes, families and friends gather for generous picnics that last until sunset. A true cultural crossroads, the plateau is full of cafes, boutiques, thrift stores, etc. It is not uncommon for pedestrians to take over designated streets for festivals or sidewalk sales. As everything is done on foot, we had to facilitate access to our ecological products for young eco-conscious families, trendy professionals and roommates overflowing with enthusiastic people.

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Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 10am to 8pm
Saturday and Sunday 10am to 6pm

The success of this store

Our zero-waste grocery store felt the need to get closer to Plateau Mont-Royal residents to promote access to our bulk products. By becoming part of the daily lives of people in the neighborhood who care about the environment, we knew they would be there. At the heart of the plateau, we make it easier for this committed community to consume more responsibly.