Make your own homemade deodorant 

Ingredients (for about 200 ml. of product): 

100g. [ 1/2 cup ] liquid coconut oil* 

60g. [ 1/4 cup ] baking soda* 

40g. cornstarch [ 1/4 cup ] 

10 drops of lavender essential oil 

10 drops of palmarosa essential oil 

10 g vegetable or beeswax 


1. Pour the coconut oil and the wax into a pot and melt it in a bain-marie 

2. Then add, spoon by spoon, the baking soda and the starch, while whisking vigorously with a fork so that no lumps form 

3. Then add the essential oils: 

4. Mix everything once, pour into a container of your choice and let the deodorant firm up (in the refrigerator or in the ambient air if it is not too hot) before using it.