Our zero waste grocery store


Méga Vrac is a zero waste ecological grocery store that aims to help you change the way you do your grocery shopping. A Montrealer produces an average of 350kg of waste per year. By offering more than 1000 products in bulk or without packaging, we want to make your life easier in adopting a slightly greener lifestyle. 



Reducing waste at source is our number 1 goal! The vast majority of products you will find in stores are offered without packaging. When this is not possible, we opt for companies that reduce over-packaging as much as possible to use only the essentials. 


Most of our producers and suppliers are from Quebec. These are people we know by first name and whose products are made locally. Whenever we can, we encourage local businesses. 

No waste 

By offering products in bulk, we fight against food waste: you buy only the quantity you need. Plus, it saves you money. 


Ahlem owned a traditional grocery store for more than a year before she decided to create a place focused on reducing waste. 

By dint of seeing the packaging go by in stores or at the checkout and realizing the extent of the waste produced by our everyday consumption, she wanted to do something to improve the situation. 

With the invaluable help of customers who suggested products, suppliers and containers, she changed the concept of the grocery store to make it the Méga vrac you know now. 

Since then, the movement has been contagious and several shops on the Promenade Masson have also taken the step towards more responsible consumption. 

We couldn’t be more grateful for the little things you do every day! 



Owner of Méga Vrac sur Masson, she is always attentive to customer suggestions and she works very hard to offer you the best possible experience in your journey towards zero waste.


Manager of the store in Ontario and always wearing his little beret, he will make you smile and make you want to come back! Do not hesitate to ask him questions, he knows the products like the back of his hand.


Our dream is for each neighborhood in Montreal to have its own Mega vrac so that everyone has easy access to a zero-waste grocery store. Now settled in the Rosemont and Hochelaga neighborhoods, we are thinking about what’s next. What about Mega vrac franchises all over Quebec? Who knows where the movement will take us.